The Forgotton "R's": Part One

Reduce.Reuse.Recycle. - we have all heard this message before. And though I hope most of you make a habit of recycling, the first two "R's" usually go ignored. So over the next month I'll be sharing ways we can all reduce the amount of things we need to recycle by reusing.

Part One: Shopping thrift, consignment, and vintage stores. Shopping for secondhand items limits your consumerism, which in turn lowers your impact on the environment by limiting the resources necessary to fulfill your style needs. And items sold at these stores usually go for much less than at a retail store, so you're saving the environment and some extra cash. If you are looking for unique pieces, especially items from a certain era - 50s through 80's are most abundant- then shopping vintage and thrift is the best approach. Other avenues for used items can be flea markets, antique stores, and estate or garage sales. And you can even try rummaging through your family's basement and/or attic for cool finds.

Some of my favorite treasures:
 70's style buffet from a used furniture store ($99)
Mugs from a Salvation Army store ($4)
 Mid-century modern dresser from a Salvation Army store ($30)
Table and chairs dining set from a local auction ($300)
Place mats from a vintage store ($5)
Japanese sake pitcher and glasses set from a family member (FREE)
Starfish, napkin holders, S&P shakers from a consignment shop ($25)
Sushi platters, chopstick sets, Japanese tea set from a garage sale ($10)
 Shelves from a "going out of business" Blockbuster store (FREE)
Faux fire place from the side of the road :) (FREE)
Chess/checkers set from a thrift store ($6)

And these are just a few examples of furniture and decorations I've scored. I have found countless articles of clothing and jewelry from shops and sales as well. From blazers and dresses, to scarves and even shoes, I have some amazing pieces in my wardrobe that I wear on a regular basis.

Shopping at these stores are definitely a fun, money-saving, and eco-friendly option.

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