Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Hello fellow bloggers! Please forgive me for not writing these past 3 months. My life is always crazy busy, and I find that sitting down to type out a post does not come easily to me. So starting tomorrow, I'm preparing a week long blogging event that will hopefully keep me on a regular posting schedule. Stay tuned for that...

On another note entirely, I wanted to share this great new website I discovered: www.vivaterra.com. Viva Terra translates to living earth, and that is exactly what this company supports. They feature designers and artisans who work to make a difference in the world. These products are crafted from sustainable materials, and in my opinion are a great value. Here's what I'm currently stalking for our house:

Using a local grass, njodax, and plastic strips recycled from used prayer mats, women in Senegal, West Africa create these storage baskets and hampers. They merge modern materials with traditional weaving techniques that have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. These functional works of art help support their families in poor rural communities. Stylish, eco-friendly and globaly beneficial!

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