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Feathers are a huge trend right now in the hair industry: I know many stylists that wear and sell feathers, I have put numerous feathers in my clients' hair, and presently I wear two feathers in my own hair. Because of my constant strive to stay eco-friendly in my life, I decided to do a little research about where these feathers come from and what I found was horrifying.

Many feathers sold for decoration - whether it be for fishing lures, crafts, or hair fashion - are not gathered kindly. They are taken from birds that are kept and slaughtered on large-scale animal farms, either before or after their deaths. It is a very cruel process and is painful for the birds. It also supports the cycle of commercial animal agriculture which goes against my vegetarian, earth-loving nature.

These chickies say NO to mass farming!
Fortunately there is some hope. Many crafters and wholesale feather companies are aware of the issues surrounding the use of feathers and have begun to sell and use feathers that fall off of birds during molting or preening. You can find these "cruelty-free" feathers everywhere from Ebay to Etsy. Check out these awesome websites for products and more info:

Air Feathers 
The Happy Rooster

I hope this information aides you in being both fashionable and eco-friendly. And please, spread the word and love some birds!

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