In search of a better face?

As you all probably know, I strive to use only green, organic products. My problem with that right now is finding the right products to use for my face. I would say my skin is average -I have combination skin with few breakouts -however, my search for the right prduct line has caused my skin to be unpredictable! Sometimes I need to use acne solution products, but then if I use to much my skin gets extremely dry. So then I have to use a heavy moisturizer (which is normally bad for my skin) and then I get more breakouts. It's a vicious cycle! So far I've tried Burts Bees and Boots Botanics Organic, and now I'm about to try ALBA. I used their sunscreen and body lotion at the beach last year and absolutely loved it.

I opted for just the acne solution astringent and both the face wash and moisturizer to be normal, oil-free formulas. So here goes...

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